Chongyoon Lim’s Representative Departed to China and Italy to Unveil the “Second Act” of Hanmi Pharm’s Development

Chongyoon Lim, the representative of Hanmi Science who started the cause of “total health care”, developed new drugs in China, explored targeted medical and health cooperation, and expanded relevant businesses in Italy.


 On November 25, representative Chongyoon Lim of Hanmi Science listened to In-seon Lee, director of Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone, explaining the support plan at the business contract ceremony of Pohang University of Science and Technology. On the same day, Hanmi Science resolved to join forces in the fields of new drug development and biology through relevant agreements with North Gyeong and Pohang City, etc.


Recently, Lim visited Chinese the outstanding enterprises of China and discussed cooperation issues in order to find new impetus for the development of Hanmi Pharm Group. He also visited Italy’s largest medical institution earlier this month, laying the foundation for targeted treatment that breaks away from the existing new drug development framework and expands the health examination system. Chongyoon Lim, the head of the Group Holding Company, is the eldest son of Sung-ki Lim, founder of Hanmi Pharm Group. Hanmi Pharm has made continuous technological export achievements in 2015-2016, and Lim will reveal the “second act” of Hanmi Pharm’s development.


 Lim seized the opportunity first to completely eliminate some technology export returns, changes and uncertainty of the market caused by new pharm development. In fact, a multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi, a pharmaceutical partner of Hanmi Pharm, announced on the 10th of this month that it would complete the third phase of clinical trials of the new diabetes pharm “Efpeglenatide” of Hanmi Pharm, but would scout for a new sales company. Although the technical fees and other contracts charged by Hanmi Pharm have not changed, and the change of sales companies has caused unnecessary misunderstanding in the market. 


On the 17th, Lim expressed in a telephone interview with News1: “We respect the organization adaptation and change of Paul Hudson, the new head of Sanofi. In addition to Efteglenatide, Hanmi Pharm has also launched new pharm development channels in many fields such as anti-cancer and targeted treatment, difficult diseases, metabolic diseases, etc. to strengthen abilities of the enterprise through reorganization, adaptation and talent introduction of the business department.”


◇ This month, Lim met with three Chinese enterprises to discuss cooperation or signing contracts. 


Lim first chose China as the starting point of expanding the global business of Hanmi Pharm Group.


According to Hanmi Pharm, Lim met with the leaders of China’s largest biological enterprise “Wuxi app Tec”, the largest circulation company “Jointown” and the largest medica examination network “Aikang Group” at the beginning of this month to discuss the strategic partnership.


Representative Lim met with Dr. Li Ge, founder of WuXi App Tec, and Vice President Zhang Wei, head of the strategic department, to talk about the two companies’ plans to set foot in the European and American markets through joint development of new pharms or technology transfer.


WuXi App Tec, together with Wuxi Biologics, a subsidiary of CMOs, is an enterprise with a total market value of more than 75 trillion won in the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets. WuXi App Tec has cooperated with 3,500 companies worldwide, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.


On the 6th of this month, he endorsed an online sales contract with Jointown, which has an online drug sales platform “Ehaoyao”in China, for Beijing Hanmi Pharm representative product “Ofmom”. In the future, “Ofmom” intelligent digital packaging will be originated to swell the online sales business to all over China.


On the 9th, Lim met with Zhang Ligang, president of Aikang Group, which builds the largest medical examination network of China. It is reported that representative Lim and Aikang Group held in-depth discussions on cooperation programs such as health promotion, disease prevention and digital detection system,etc.


Aikang Group is the first listed company in the field of health management and the largest private health management service market in China. Alibaba is its largest shareholder as a well-known e-commerce company. At present, it has 133 physical examination centers and medical institutions in 44 cities, and has put in place a cooperative network in more than 200 cities and 720 medical institutions nationwide, providing one-stop health examination and health management services for about 7 million family members and enterprise employees.


Relevant personnel of Hanmi Pharm Group said: Like Therapeutic Health Service, the targeted health service platform promoted by representative Lim, Aikang Group’s physical examination network and APP are also developed through detailed understanding of patients’ personal health status. The values pursued by the two companies are the same, and the utility can be maximized through this cooperation."


◇ Expand the role of Italy’s largest medical institutions and physical examination centers and advance clinical experimental projects for targeted treatment.


On the 1st of this month, Lim went to Rome, Italy, and reached an agreement with Gemelli Hospital, Italy’s largest medical institution, on filling out the role of Gemelli VIP Diagnostic Center to as an existing confinement center, as well as clinical research projects based on targeted treatment. In addition, he also decided to set up a postgraduate course platform in food and welfare with Catholic universities in Lombardy region of Italy in South Korea, China and Italy. 


At the same time, on the 25th, Lim signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with North Gyeongsang, Pohang City and Pohang University of Science and Technology to cultivate professionals in the field of biology to upgrade the global competitiveness of biology, and embark on cultivation of talents. 

Relevant Group sources said: “Representative Lim is redefining a new model for the prevention of all chronic diseases and specialized metabolic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc. To this end, efforts are being made to integrate cooperative brands around the world and find sales partners”. The person in charge also disclosed: “In the process of expanding beyond pharmaceutical industry to comprehensive health care enterprises, there is no doubt that representative Lim will play a pioneering role.” 

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