Baby show is a very popular party among mothers (expectant mothers and new mothers) in Europe and America. It is a "bath" and "spirit bath" for mothers: sprinkle blessings, joys, gifts, and family humor to mothers in order to help them prepare both materially and spiritually. "Ofmom Babyshower" is a "baby welcoming party" that was introduced to Beijing, China, by HMG and will be held regularly for mothers every month. Each activity will invite several mothers to participate in the lectures, listen to the parenting knowledge lectures, play games, enjoy the music, eat healthy food during pregnancy, make cute little things for the baby, and receive a big gift pack! Since 2014, Ofmom Babyshower has been launched in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou, Quanzhou and other cities in succession. We hope that through these activities, more expectant mothers will have the opportunity to communicate and make friends, and feel the happiness of nurturing new life!

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